The big protection you can give yourself before hiring a contractor

TULSA - A viewer wonders who's liable after finding out her sprinklers were not installed to code and she has a big bill.

Betty found out, too late, the plumber she hired didn't put in a required piece of equipment. She says "I had some other plumbing work done and when the city inspector came out he found no backflow protector was ever installed and he capped my system."

A city official says backflow protectors are required on all sprinklers systems and highly recommended to protect your home from sewer back-ups.

In Betty's case the company has gone out of business and she has to pay a second company $1,200 to get her sprinklers up to code and turned back on.

When starting a project it's always a good idea to call the city where you live to find out about permits and other requirements before you hire and have the actual work done.

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