Students buy presents for needy kids

SOUTH COFFEYVILLE, Okla. - The children at Oklahoma Union Elementary school in South Coffeyville are busy wrapping gifts, not for their family or their teachers.

They're wrapping them for other children, whose parents can't afford to buy gifts for them.

"It makes me feel like I can give back to my community," said 3rd grader Bryce Gillespie.

"I liked it because it made me feel like I was doing something for someone else," said 3rd grader Breann Sellers.

This is a holiday tradition at Oklahoma Union schools.

The elementary, middle and high school all pitch in.

"I do think it makes them stop and think because we take so much for granted," said school counselor Tami Harris.  "And it gets them thinking about people who need things more than they do."

The kids aren't just wrapping the gifts either.  They did odd jobs and earned the money to buy the gifts themselves.

"I raked the leaves and swept the shop for my papa," said Bryce.

"I carried up wood, did the dishes, the laundry and picked up the house," said Breann.

The kids say it wasn't easy but they earned enough money to buy all sorts of things.

"I saw some new toys.  A game.  Pajamas," said Bryce.

And all those gifts are now on their way to the less fortunate, often their very own classmates.

"I get to go deliver those gifts to families and see what it means to them," said Harris.  "And for me it's worth it."

The families wish to remain anonymous.

But while we may not know who they are.  We do know who's making a difference in their lives.

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