Student loan mistake costs house hunter

TULSA - Stephanie says she and Henry, her puppy, are ready to move out of their apartment, and start hunting for a home of their own.

But Stephanie got some bad news when she applied for a loan, news that would mean a higher interest rate.
"My loan officer said you've got all this student loan debt, and I said it shouldn't be that much, it's only five or six, and he's like no, it's like $11,000 in debt, and I said no it's not."
But that's what Stephanie's credit report and other financial records showed.
"It's been a nightmare trying to make it right."
Stephanie poured over her records, and discovered the problem popped up when she recently consolidated her student loans.

That's when Oklahoma Student Loan Servicing, or OSLA, apparently made a mistake, which made her record reflect she owed almost $11,000, instead of the correct amount of a little more than $5,000.

"It's quite worrisome, because I'm thinking I don't want to take on a home loan payment and then try to get that big monkey school loan debt off by back."
So Stephanie says she called OSLA over and over, and every time, says she was told the system with her information, was down.
"How long can that system be down? I called them in April, I called them in March, I called them in May and the system is still down, something needs to happen."
 To hopefully make it happen, Stephanie called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with OSLA.

A representative researched Stephanie's account, and was able to resolve the situation.

Stephanie quickly got a call, and this letter, saying her account has been corrected.
"I wanted to give you a hug, because I was so excited."
Especially now that she and Henry can start house hunting again, knowing her student loans, are no longer standing in the way of a home loan.

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