Some fire victims billed for TV equipment

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - We heard from several fire victims who lost their homes.

They're concerned about being charged for cable boxes and other equipment the fire destroyed.

Candace tells us, "When I called my cable company to tell them I lost my home in the wildfires, I was told I'd be getting a $500 bill for a couple of cable boxes that burned in the fire.  They let me out of my contract, but said I'd still be billed for the equipment."

Candace was a customer of CimTel, out of Mannford.

A company rep says misinformation was floating around after the fires.

She tells us the company certainly understands the trauma fire victims are going through, and let all of them out of their contracts without penalty.

But those with insurance coverage for the content of their homes will be billed for the equipment, so they can turn a claim in to their insurance company for reimbursement.

But CimTel also says if a victim's insurance won't pay for that cable equipment, they'll write it off, and victims won't have to pay for it.

We've also been in touch with other TV and internet providers, and they have similar polices.

We have heard of cases where companies write off the equipment immediately, not requiring victims to make an insurance claim for it.
When it comes to insurance, experts say it's a good idea to do a regular check of the coverage you have with your agent, so you're ready if disaster strikes.

Another good idea is to document all your belongings in pictures, in cased you ever need to make claim.

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