School teaching lessons in glass & life

TULSA - In the heart of Tulsa's booming Brady Arts District, you'll find a place that teaches art to anyone who wants to learn.

It's the Tulsa Glass Blowing School.

"Our age range is 6 to 87 and that's only because the oldest person's been 87 so we're looking for somebody older. You know 90's would be great," said Tulsa Glass Blowing School Executive Director, Janet Duvall.

Most of the students here, some of them at-risk youth are in their teens and 20's.

Natalie Legener started here three years ago.

"I thought it sounded fun, different.  I didn't know a lot of people who were working in glass," said Natalie.

Now she's worked her way up to intern, helping teach other students. And she's done it all while bringing some stability to her own life.

"There's some consistency going. You show up everyday. You have an idea of what you want to make," said Natalie.

Like many of the students here, Natalie believes the school keeps her focused on the right track.

And students need to focus, when they're working with molten glass.

"It's pretty hot," said Natalie.

The students also take a lot of pride in showing off their finished work. Making everything from flowers, to snowmen.

"The beauty of it for at-risk youth is that it requires team focus," said Duvall.  "You have to be able to talk with each other."

Best of all this six-year-old school is a non-profit, offering some of the classes for free.

Some students do pay for the classes.  The school also raises money through fundraisers and by selling the art.

The school is making a difference by offering lessons in glass and life.

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