Scheme steals your money to buy postage

TULSA, Okla. - As a paramedic, Jessica deals with medical emergencies every day.

And now, at home, she's dealing with a financial emergency.

"You just feel violated and helpless."

Jessica got a big shock recently when she checked her bank account.

"I have nothing in there," she told us.

Someone stole Jessica's debit card number, and made several transactions at CLICK 66100611.

Four in all, totaling $313.

And to make things worse, Jessica used the transaction tracking number which led her to an 800 number to report the problem.

She found out if was another scheme, to get more of her information.

Jessica felt a flood of emotions.

"Upset, confused, angry."

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Service says "Click and Ship" is the site where you can buy postage online.

Crooks apparently steal money from bank accounts and use it to buy postage.

The postal service wants victims to report it by going to

Just make sure it's the official usps site.

Here's the best way to protect yourself.

Check your bank account often, every day if possible, and report any unauthorized charges.

Cancel the compromised account and dispute the charges by filling out the necessary paperwork.

Then the bank or credit union will put the money back into your account while it investigates.

And of course, guard your financial and personal information.

And that means not using that info when connected to public wifi.

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