Rural Internet service spotty, costly

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - Her family lives in the wooded rolling hills of Creek County, and for the last five years, Lynn says they've had three cell lines through Verizon.
"That seems to be the best company we've had as far as coverage out there."
So when Lynn needed to get Internet service to their rural home they found out Verizon offers this small device called a "hot spot," which can be connected to a computer.

Lynn says a sales rep said she'd get coverage at her home so she forked over $100 for the device and signed up for two years of service at $50 a month.

But from day one, Lynn says it didn't work.

"We tried it next to the window, we tried it in different rooms, we tried it outside."
Lynn says they couldn't find a consistent connection to the Internet.

And from day one, Lynn says she called customer service, which for weeks kept connecting her to technicians who tried to trouble shoot the problem without luck.

So she asked to return the hot spot for a refund and to cancel her contract.
"I was told no, I couldn't do that, I was past the 14-day return policy. I said, 'I understand that, but you indicated to me it wasn't going to be a problem, even after the 14-day policy. We kept trying to work with you'."
Lynn says a tech finally found out her home was in a limited coverage area.

Still, she wasn't getting out of her agreement without paying a $170 early cancelation fee.

"I was trapped in a two-year contract.  They basically were telling me I was stuck with what we had."
Lynn finally called the 2News Problem Solvers and we got in touch with Verizon's regional office.

After doing a little research, a manager got in touch with Lynn.

She was getting all her money back and her contract was canceled without penalty.

"That was wonderful, they were very nice."
And Lynn says they're still very satisfied with their cell service from Verizon.

If you're having issues with a product or service and you're coming up to the deadline for cancelation or return, check to see if the company will give you a written extension.

If not, make the return or cancelation right away.

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