Routine oil change causes hood damage, 85 day wait

TULSA - It all started under the hood of his car, Sean tells us, after he took it to Pep Boys for an oil change.

"The latch was broken and the problem is we weren't notified of the danger so while my wife was driving this to work, the hood flew open while driving down the B.A. at about 60 miles per hour."  

Sean says he was originally told if he got an estimate, the company would repair the nearly $3,000 worth of damage done to the car.  

But as 85 days went by, Sean says he wasn't getting very far with the store manager or folks at corporate.
"At this point I felt helpless, my hands were tied."  

All the while his damaged car was sitting in the shop, Sean says he was making car and insurance payments, and renting another car.

"It's like throwing money away."  

Sean finally contacted the 2News Problem Solvers and we got in touch with corporate headquarters. Within hours, Sean says one of the vice presidents called.   

"It was an awesome feeling, that someone's calling me back."     

Sean says the VP apologized and overnighted a check to cover the repair expenses.

Great news, Sean says, now that he's putting his car repair problem in the rearview mirror.

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