Ranch helping to save wild animals

CLAREMORE, Okla. - These are tense moments at the Wild Heart Ranch.

A fawn is here fighting for his life. He was rescued and brought to the Claremore rescue covered in hundreds of ticks.

"The ticks have encrusted his eyeballs," says someone working on the fawn.

The crews quickly remove as many as they can, but they're still not sure they're doing enough.

"If they can live with this, then I can live with the pain of losing the ones that I can't save," said Annette King, founder of Wild Heart Ranch.

King and her crew have saved many animals like this fawn since they opened 12 years ago.

She started the non-profit with the sole purpose of helping wild animals.

"She's in it for the right reasons," said volunteer Nicole Hughes. "She cares so much about every creature, human, anything that you come across. She wants to help."

And the proof is all over Wild Heart Ranch.

There's a baby skunk, a beaver, a vulture, even a raccoon.

Annette's love of animals led her out of the business world and into the animal kingdom.

But she says she couldn't do any of this without her volunteers who put up with their fair share of not-so-fun stuff.

HOW YOU CAN HELP (http://bit.ly/16c5KZh)

"We deal in poop mostly," joked one volunteer.

But it's all worth it when you see the tick-covered fawn.

Now a week later, he's back on his feet. The ticks are all gone.

"When I wake up in the morning, I've got a purpose," said Annette. "It's a darn good one."

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