Promised refund never arrives

TULSA - Roger tells us there was a hissing sound coming from the driver's side window on his wife's car.

 It's not closing all the way, so he needed a new window.

"A friend of mine said the best price in town is at Glass Masters."   

In March, Roger went there to buy a new window to install himself.

But it didn't fit properly, so Roger tried to return it the next day. 

Unfortunately, he says the receipt must have blown out of his car.

And without it, Roger says he was told he couldn't return the window, even though he dealt with the same salesperson he bought it from, only a day earlier.  

"It's frustrating, it's not a lot of money, I think it's 86 bucks, but it's frustrating, Glass Masters has all my info, credit card info, personal information on their computer, but they refuse to refund me my money."   

Roger eventually found the receipt, it was stuck between the seats in his car.  

But now, the store said it was too late, a few days past the return deadline.  

Still, Roger kept contacting the store manager.  

 "Finally she asked me to bring the glass in, I took the glass in, left the glass there, because she said I would be mailed a refund."    

In fact, the store manager wrote a note to that effect on the receipt.

Then, weeks went by.

 "I was never mailed a refund so now Glass Masters has my money and my glass, the only thing I have is a receipt with a note on it that I'd be mailed a check, never got the check."

Eventually, Roger contacted the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with the owner of Glass Masters, out in California.

He told me he had signed off on that refund weeks earlier.

He did a little research, found out what caused the delay, then made sure Roger got his refund.

When buying specialty items, always be sure to get a copy of the store's return policy beforehand.

And be sure to keep copies of your receipt in a safe place.

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