PROBLEM SOLVERS: Debris from January winter ice storms remain on City of Tulsa property

Tulsa - Joyce Spohn, 75 years old with Parkinson's disease and arthritis, tries the best she can to keep her yard clean.

But on the other side of her fence, it is a different story. Spohn says it is an eyesore.

Spohn lives along the Broken Arrow Expressway entrance on 31st Street and Yale Avenue in Tulsa. Along her  property, massive trees are down and limbs, bark and an overgrowth of weeds remain from the aftermath of the ice storms that hit the area back in January.

"It's not a good representation of Tulsa," she said.

Her unkempt neighbors, The City of Tulsa.

"There are limbs all down from there that I called and told them were down," she said pointing over the fence.

Spohn and her daughter have been calling the city since January with little results, so she came to the 2NEWS Pop-Up Problem Solvers for help.

"We're not getting any place, and that's when I decided to go out there," Spohn said.

The Problem Solvers called the city. A spokesperson said their records show when Spohn called in January the issue was resolved.

"I try to do my part on my side, I cannot climb a fence, I'm a little too old for that," she said.

When the Problem Solvers showed the city the mess still remaining, they agreed to clean it up.

Spohn said she was happy to hear that the only weeds she will be pulling up are from her own yard.

The city said that with limited funds, they try to handle every issue as soon as they are able.

They also told 2NEWS that crews were not able to serve the area because of construction on the on ramp.

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