PROBLEM SOLVERS: Catoosa woman claims she was overcharged for insurance

CATOOSA, Okla. - When a Catoosa woman signed up for car insurance she thought she was getting a steal.

Until she got a bill in the mail, just weeks later, saying her rates were already going up -- way up.

"I was very upset," said Kaye Pendleton. "That's not the way you do business."

Kaye says her insurance company, Farmers, raised her policy cost from just over $1,400 for the year to $2,100.  

Kaye called her agent.

"He said 'Don't worry about it, you're paid up,'" said Kaye.

But Kaye was worried about it.

The money was taken out of her bank account and now she wants a partial refund, for paying a much higher price than she initially expected.

She called the Problem Solvers and we called Farmers insurance.

They tell us Kaye made a common mistake on her insurance application.  She didn't report a previous accident.

When Farmers found out about it, they raised her rates.

Kaye canceled the policy and got new insurance somewhere else.

"Did get a better price and I got the same coverage on everything," said Kaye.
So what about Kaye's claim that the Farmers agent told her to disregard the letter that outlined higher rates?

Farmers claims that's not true.  

They say the agent made it clear her rates were going up, and they don't plan on sending her a refund.

Kaye learned two important lessons that can benefit everyone, report everything on your insurance application and take every letter that says your rates are going up, seriously.

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