Phone bill fight after house fire

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. - Four months after a fire damaged their home near Collinsville, the repairs were finally done, and Kenneth and his wife were able to move back in.

Everything went pretty smoothly, except when it came resuming their phone and internet service.

"It's kind of been trial by fire," Kenneth told us.

After the fire, Kenneth says AT&T put their service on hold during which time he paid about $20 a month to keep his account and phone number.

But when they moved back in, they couldn't get their landline and DSL service reconnected the way they originally had it set up, even though several technicians tried.

Since they had cell phones, Kenneth decided just to close their AT&T account.

"At that point things were supposed to be cancelled, we got bills even though we didn't have phone service, we got a bill for phone service the next month."

Not a huge bill, but Kenneth says after what they'd been through, they weren't going to pay anything they didn't rightfully owe.

"We kept trying to get the bill corrected."

After weeks of trying, Kenneth says they were eventually told their account was officially closed, and they even got a $21 refund.

Case closed, correct?

Not so fast.

Kenneth says he received two more bills, and a notice they were being sent to collections for $48.

"The frustration factor was just phenomenal because you just can't get to anybody through normal channels they give you."

So Kenneth contacted the 2NEWS Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with AT&T.

It took some time to sort through the problem six months in the making.

But the problem was finally solved.

Kenneth's account was zeroed out, and finally closed.
When closing an account, it's always a good idea ask for immediate written confirmation, whether in the form of a letter, email, or transaction number.

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