Oklahoma man experiences ATM 'nightmare' when $660 withdrawal doesn't dispense cash

TULSA - When we met Luis, he was washing dishes and doing other light chores around the house -- the things his military-related disability allows him to do.

Each month, he gets a social security disability payment of a little less than $800 a month.

But last summer, Luis lost most of one of those payments at an ATM.
"I started to panic because that's the only money I have to pay the bills with," he said.
Luis inserted his Direct Express card, the card the government uses to deliver disability payments, at an ATM.

The ATM spit out a receipt that said Luis withdrew $660, but it didn't give him any cash.
"I was shocked, my heart just dropped down to my stomach," said Luis.
Luis disputed the transaction with Direct Express, just as the rules say he must do. 

He was told the investigation could take as long as 45 days.  But just two days after he turned in the paperwork, he got his letter saying Direct Express denied his claim.

That was despite a letter from the bank where the ATM transaction happened.  It backs up Luis' claim.
"Now I'm going to be late on all my bills," he said.
Luis says he tried for two months without to get Direct Express to change its decision.

That's when he called the 2News Problem Solvers.

In the end, we got in touch with Transfund, which owns the ATM in question.

Representatives there worked through some backchannels to get Luis' $660 back into his account.
"It was like unreal, it was like Christmas, an early Christmas present," said Luis.
Some very merry news, indeed.

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