Making a Difference: Non-profit finds foster homes for pets

Collinsville - Terrie Scott and her family love playing with their new dog in the backyard of their home outside Collinsville.

They named her Lizzy. And while the name may be fairly normal, how they found her is not.

 "We were kind of picky though," Terrie said.

They adopted her through a non-profit group called Partnering for Pets, an organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals.

The group pulls animals, who could soon be euthanized, out of shelters and puts them in foster homes.

"They have foster families that foster these animals until they find a good family," said Terrie.
"I'm sorry, when I get to talking about it I get choked up about it," said Sherri Griggs, Partnering for Pets vice president.

Along with putting animals in temporary foster homes, Griggs also puts cats up for adoption at the Broken Arrow Pets Mart. 

Terrie says there's no doubt Sherri and the other volunteers at Partnering for Pets are making a difference, not only in the animals' lives, but in their owners lives as well.

"Absolutely, because she fits the cats and dogs with their owners," said Terrie. "And once you have that click, it's perfect for life."

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if you would like to learn more about how to become a foster home or a permanent home for one of the animals. 

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