New partnership aimed at protecting you and your money

TULSA - Western Union is often where people are pointed once they get involved in a fraudulent offer.

Wiring money is a lot like sending your cash into a black hole.  It's nearly impossible to tell exactly where it went or who collected it so it's the favorite method used by crooks.

Better Business Bureau officials say pressure to wire money is a common thread when someone is trying to separate you from your cash.

So Western Union and the BBB are teaming up for a program called Scam Stopper to educate people about how to protect themselves.

The Federal Trade Commission says last year alone consumers reported losing more than $1.5 billion to all types of scams.

Unless you are certain who you are dealing with avoid wire transfers and instead pay with a check or, better yet, a credit card.
And if it involves someone claiming you've won a lot of money, remember -- If you didn't enter you didn't win.    And you should never have to pay to collect legitimate winnings.

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