New home for cancer patient, community volunteer

NOWATA, Okla. - The sounds of construction in a vacant home being renovated are music to Joy Jefferson.
"I'm happy for me and my family."
Joy, her son, and her grandkids live several blocks from here, in a trailer house, that's run down, and falling apart.

She's raised her grandkids here for eight years.

But Joy's done so much more.

"She helps out around the community, she takes seniors around to get their medicines, she runs people to pay their bills and groceries and everything."
And Joy does it all with a smile, Tom Senters tells us, as she battles cancer.
"She'll go to chemo and still come back and help people."
It was clear to Tom, he had to help Joy.

So he got his church and many others around town involved in buying and renovating this vacant house.
"I just see the need of people. So many people are in need, the Lord has blessed me in so many ways, that I just want to help, I want to try to make a difference."
Others have donated a new roof,  carpeting,  cabinets and countertops.

Joy and her grandkids work right alongside the volunteers, clearing debris and prepping the inside.
Tom says, "She's worked harder than anyone, that's the whole thing with her, she just never stops, she's just helps everybody and does everything that she can."
Joy, though, focuses on all who've helped build her new home ...some folks she doesn't even know.
"I'm so excited, I'm so thankful, I'm boiling over right now, I don't know what to say about the love they have shown me."
Tom says they're looking for a few more donations to finish up.

As for Joy, even more great news, this time, from her doctor.
"I feel great, I don't hurt anywhere and I'm off chemo right now, so it's just awesome, I just know it's because of God, he's not ready for me to go yet, he's wanting me to enjoy his blessings in my life."
What a difference a few weeks and a few volunteers can make, for Joy's health, and her home.

If you'd like to help in the renovation of Joy's new home, call Tom Senters at 918-214-4457 or the Living Word Church in Nowata at 918-273-1208.

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