Mortgage statement confuses homeowner

TULSA -  When it comes to the mortgage on his home, Wilbur says he always pays on time.

 The only exception was a couple of months ago, when his bank returned a mortgage check.

After he made that payment good, though, his next statement confused him.

It had a late fee, payment reversals, unapplied payments, and other charges.

Then, three days later, he received another statement, with a different amount due.

Bottomline, Wilbur says he didn't know how much to pay the next month to be current.

He called Wells Fargo twice, he says, and got different amounts each time.

So he contacted customer service a third time.

"I called them and they gave even a third amount, even less that the first two we have."

That's when Wilbur called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with his mortgage company.

A representative looked into Wilbur's account.

It wasn't long until another rep reviewed the account with Wilbur, and came up with the correct amount Wilbur needed to pay.

He's relieved, now that the mortgage on his home, is once again current.

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