2NEWS Problem Solvers help correct $1,800 mistake on cell bill

TULSA - Robin, her fiance and his two kids all decided to change their cell service to Sprint, which had a family plan that would save some cash.

"Over a hundred dollars a month, which at that time was pretty significant," she said.

But Robin says it wasn't long until they had coverage problems with all four phones, especially at home.

After trying to resolve those issues for several days, Robin says customer service told them to return the phones before the trial period was over.

Robin says they did just that and got receipts showing the return.

"It was a done deal and that's what customer service told me," said Robin.

A few weeks later, though, Robin says she received a jaw-dropping collection alert.    

"It was from Sprint and when I first opened it the first thing I saw was the $1,864 amount due, I was shocked," she said.

So Robin says she quickly contacted customer service.

"I called them, they said no, no, no, don't worry about it, sometimes it takes awhile for something like this to go thru the system, you don't owe that, don't worry about it," said Robin.

But she did worry, especially when she received another collection notice, this time from a collection agency.

It hung over her head, Robin says, for nine months as she made call after call.

"Every time I would call, whoever I talked to had no knowledge of any previous calls, every time I would call," she said.

Robin finally called the 2NEWS Problem Solvers and we got in touch with a Sprint representative, who said they'd research her account.

It wasn't long until Robin was told those $1,800 in charges were dropped and her credit report would be corrected.

Robin calls that news awesome.

Whenever making changes in service, it's important to keep your receipts and paperwork, in case you run into a problems.

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