Mash-up of old schemes; new twist trying to get your money


This one uses legitimate business names and dangles a winning lottery prize, mixes them together and tries to weasel into your bank account.
Tim in Jenks is one of our viewers who reported receiving a $3,500 check and says   "It says I am part of a lottery winning and it's affiliated with Walmart, KMart, Best Buy and more.   Says I should deposit the check THEN call them to collect my $200,000 prize.  The check looks real I don't want anyone to get taken."
Even if you're not asked to immediately wire money off to someone to claim the big bucks, once you deposit the check you're showing an active bank account and a crook can swoop in and clean out your entire balance.
You can notify the bank listed on the check to help slow the senders down.
Then follow Tim's lead and shred the check.
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