Man charged after he canceled cellphone protection plan he purchased at Best Buy

TULSA - The 2NEWS Problem Solvers help a Green Country man who was incurring charges for a warranty that didn't exist.

When he bought a cellphone at Best Buy more than a year ago, Jacob signed up for a protection plan too, which he canceled a few months later.

His problem?

His store credit card account was still being charged $10 every month since canceling it.

"The whole thing is a fiasco," said Jacob. "I called every month, and reps told me they were trying to find all the information in their system."

Jacob said they were able to find some of information they needed, but not all of it.

"And the problem's never resolved, and my account keeps being charged. I have some of the paperwork dealing with the protection plan. It's become very stressful."

After contacting the corporate headquarters, a representative resolved Jacob's billing problem, and gave him a store gift card for all those mistaken charges.

The takeaway from all of this?

Whenever you sign up for a protection plan or any service, be sure to keep all paperwork.

Do the same when you cancel a service. Make sure you get a confirmation or transaction number.

Finally, go through all your credit card and bank accounts as often as possible.

You only have a certain amount of time to find a mistake and correct it.

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