Man blames towing business for damage to lawn

TULSA - Trinity Christian church elder, John Edmundson, looks over the damage in the church lawn.

"These ruts right here, when I initially measured them were about 12 inches deep," said Edmundson.

He says the ruts were caused last November, when thieves trying to steal copper from the place next door, got their car stuck.  

He says the situation only got worse when Storey Wrecker showed up to pull the car out.

"And in doing so they got stuck, said Edmundson.  "They had to have a second wrecker come out and pull both of those out. And in turn they dug into our property to the point that we can't hardly mow it."

He believes Storey Wrecker should fix the ruts, but says they haven't.

"We are a congregation that believes in the bible and kind of go by the bible, and when someone comes along and kind of (gives us the run around) like this, it's very frustrating," said Edmundson.

Edmundson called other businesses to get estimates to fix the yard, but those averaged four thousand dollars -- money the small church doesn't have.  

He decided to call the 2NEWS Problem Solvers.  When 2NEWS called Storey Wrecker, management told us they would consider fixing the problem, but questioned why the church took so long to report the ruts.  Even though the damage happened last fall, the church didn't call Storey until the spring.

Edmundson claims church leaders didn't realize it was a big problem until the spring, because that's when they first tried to mow the lawn.

At one point, Edmundson says Storey told him that a city ordinance protected them from having to fix the ruts,
but the city told 2NEWS that was not the case. 

After we called Storey a second time and informed them again of  the church's side of the story, they called Edmundson and told him they would fix the ruts.

"They brought in dirt," said Edmundson.  "They leveled out the area right here."

For Edmundson, he says it's an answer to the church's prayers.

"I do appreciate them coming out," said Edmundson. 

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