Lost paperwork leads to child support mix-up

TULSA, Okla. - Whenever he gets a chance, John enjoys playing video games with his son.

John says he has custody of Troy during the week, his mom has custody on weekends.

John says his written agreement with his ex is he pays for Troy's insurance, but no child support.
But then, they say they ran into an obstacle when the paperwork was lost at DHS.

John says he got his word from a case worker.

"Yes, we show you turned it in, but we can't find it, they lost it."

When the paperwork went missing, John says DHS started having $317 of child support taken out of his paycheck each month.

As they tried to resolve the issue, his ex would just give him the money back.

But even after turning in the required paperwork two more times, John says they couldn't get a resolution.

And the child support issue was hurting his credit.

"It's a huge nightmare, it's a huge headache."

John finally called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with a DHS representative.

That helped clear the way for a resolution, which included dealing with a couple of issues that complicated the situation.

DHS stopped taking money out of John's paycheck, and a court date's been set up to finalize the situation.

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