Making a difference: Local woman helps women with cancer

TULSA - While there are plenty of doctors out there helping patients with the physical toll of cancer, there's one local woman helping them with the emotional toll.

Her name is Anna Schlichting.

In 1997, she was a nurse who gave patients their chemotherapy treatments, but she quickly decided they needed much more than that.  

They needed emotional support too.

"It's not a patient-nurse relationship," said Anna. "This is my family."

She call's her family Anna's Belles.  They meet once a month and in-between do plenty of fun stuff together too -- all of them women who are fighting, or who have beaten, ovarian cancer.

 "It is the most deadly female cancer that there is," said Anna.

One of the women in the group, Lisa Ramsey, was facing long odds herself when she joined the group more than 12 years ago.
"Looking at what had happened before and looking at what these other women were accomplishing, I really started feeling like I could do this," said Lisa.

And she did.  Lisa beat the cancer and now helps Anna support the other women.

"They've got on the internet and think I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die," said Anna. "And within the 2nd to 3rd meeting, you can see them wanting to live."

To learn more about Anna's Belles call 918-247-6308.

Symptoms of Ovarian cancer include:

A swollen or bloated abdomen

Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly

Urinary concerns, such as urgency or frequency

Change in bowel habits

Unexplained vaginal bleeding

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