IRS not ready to receive all tax returns


While the IRS kicked off the 2013 tax season January 30 many people ready to file their returns via e-file are still unable to do it because dozens of forms and instructions are not quite ready.
Click here to see the list of forms that are still being readied.
Among those forced to wait:  People who own rental properties, adopted a child last year, manufacturers and those due residential energy credits.
Today 2NEWS learned the forms are now scheduled to be available for electronic filing Sunday March 3, 2013
In the meantime several of Tulsa CPA Steve Milam's clients remain on hold.   He says   "Those individuals I think most of them really do have refunds so they can't get their refunds until the IRS opens up the door for us to file their returns."
Milam says the delays are due to Congress enacting the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) on January 2 this year.
As a result the IRS must make changes to dozens of forms and instructions within the e-file system.  It's creating a tight deadline for individual filers and even tighter for businesses.  Milam explains   "Now business returns are due March 15 so that's only just a couple weeks away."
Milam says on the bright side most of the changes made through the ATRA will be positive for taxpayers.
Still, he says the waiting isn't easy   "There is some frustration going on by some of the clients and some of the returns.  Would be really helpful in this time and economy that they really could use some money.  They just can't get access to what is their money."
The alternative is filing a paper return.   However with a paper return expect to wait six to eight weeks for a refund.   The turn around is much quicker when you e-file.   So waiting just a little longer, and filing electronically, is likely still the best option.
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