IRA rollover hits roadblock

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Retirement is good, Pat and Herschel say, just spending time with each other, and Buddy, their dog.

But dealing with $30,000 from one an IRA, Herschel says, wasn't so good.

"I just wanted to get it transferred to a bank where I could access it, do with it has I needed."

Herschel says he filled out the paperwork necessary to transfer the money from Merrill Lynch to his bank weeks ago.

When the money never got there, Herschel says he called Merrill Lynch several times.

Each time, he says, he was shifted from one department to another.

"This went on, chasing the rabbit for about two months."

Herschel says it felt as if that $30,000 had a leash on it, a leash in someone else's hand.

"It was a headache because I wasn't in control of my own money."

And Herschel and Pat say they needed that money, when they received a rather large, unexpected bill from the IRS.

"It's a dilemma that after a while gets you into a position of you don't know what to do, who to call to get some answers."

So Herschel called the 2News Problem Solvers to try to get some answers.

After we got in touch with a Merrill Lynch representative, Herschel says he got a call that very afternoon.

The rep apologized for the confusion, and had a check sent to to Herschel's bank.

"That is a big relief."

And now, Herschel and Pat say they can get back to enjoying all their time together, knowing they have that cushion of cash at their fingertips.

Fortunately, Herschel kept detailed notes of who he talked to and when, and that helped resolving his problem.

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