Incorrect TV install costs customer

TULSA, Okla. - When William bought two HD TVs, he signed up for Direct TV.
"I'm happy with the quality of the television picture, it's great."
He wasn't so happy, though, about the installation and what followed.

When a tech came to the house to install the service, he didn't bring a 2nd HD receiver for the bedroom TV, which was part of William's contract.

So he called Direct, and another tech came out a couple days later and installed the 2nd HD box.

But then the next day, another HD box was delivered to his home, which William returned.

That started a complicated string of issues, including unexpected charges of $483.
"I pay for things I'm responsible for, but I think they dropped the ball."
William was billed for that extra receiver, and two upgrades that William says he didn't order.

It lead to disconnect and collection notices.
"It was very stressful on me trying to talk to these people and not getting anyone who could help me."
William finally called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with Direct TV.

A representative quickly researched William's account, found out what happened, and credited his account for those mistaken charges.
"I can get back on with my life."
When ordering any service in person, be sure to get a complete copy of the agreement, including an estimate of monthly charges.

If ordering by phone, ask the agent to email you the offer, so you have it in writing.

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