Not too many, not too few: The truth behind credit cards' effect on personal finances

TULSA - Free credit score website reports zero may be the magic number, especially for young adults.  

Running up an unmanageable amount of credit card debt early in life can drag down a credit score for many years to come, and it is possible to build up credit scores without a single charge card.

Some tips...

If you own a lot of plastic, do not cancel multiple cards at once. Experts say that will actually hurt your credit score.
The best way to handle having multiple cards, advisors say, is to keep the accounts open, use them in small doses and pay off each balance monthly.
Do that and your credit score will be sure to make a jump, experts say.
But if you don't have a "wealth" of credit cards, try to stay away from opening several lines at once, especially if you're planning to apply for a large loan in the not-too-distant future. 
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