High & low tech textbook savings

TULSA - Textbooks will cost college students an average of $1100 this school year.

The Oklahoma Society of CPAs says that's a lot more than just a few years ago.

But now, they say digital textbooks can help you download some savings.

Instead of lugging books around, students can buy and download some textbooks to their e-reader or tablet.

You can't resell an e-textbook at the end of the semester, but many cost half as much as a hard copy.

Free downloads can be found on websites if classic literature is on the curriculum.

For those who still want a real book ... there are companies that rent textbooks at reduced rates.

Here's something else to remember. You may find a great deal on-line for textbooks.

Just be sure to watch the shipping costs. They can add up quickly and erase any savings.

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