PROBLEM SOLVERS: Hidden terms of transmissions extended warranty costing Southwest Engines customers

Pawnee, OK - "I completely thought that we would never see any money or a transmission."

After the transmission in Pawnee residents Heather and Waylon Pendleton's SUV went out in late August, they went online to find a new one.

"Southwest [Engines] actually popped up out of Tulsa when we Googled a company," Heather said.

The couple ultimately went with Southwest Engines because it offered an extended, 12-month warranty.

"We paid $870 dollars for the transmission and $95 dollars for the warranty." Heather reads off of the receipt from Southwest Engines.

In March, just six months after purchasing the transmission, it broke.

But, they had an extended warranty so they called assuming they would just order another transmission.

When they spoke to an employee, he told them that the warranty hadn't been "activated."

"Their response was read your terms, this is going to get you nowhere," she said.

The Pendletons said none of the documents they received from Southwest Engines specified that they needed to activate their warranty.

Southwest Engines said the company's terms are on their website, but numerous customers and the Better Business Bureau found the site  very hard to navigate.

"It's just unheard of to have to activate a warranty, you know. When you pay for something you get something," Waylon said.

They couple then filed a complaint with the BBB and found they weren't the only ones.

Southwest Engines has an "F" rating with the BBB. There are more than 70 complaints against the company and more than half of them unresolved.

"All of the complaints I read basically are about the warranty," Waylon said.

But after one call from the 2NEWS Problem Solvers, the company agreed to refund the couple the full price of the transmission and the extended warranty.

"We got an email...  that said where do I need to ship that transmission?" Heather said. "So I took it that you spoke to them."

And this time around, the couple said they will be much more cautious about where they buy their next transmission.

"Just taking my time this time, making sure we get a good deal, like the one we thought we were getting with this one," Waylon said.

Southwest Engines also agreed to notify customers that they need to activate their extended warranties.

They also agreed to make it easier to navigate the warranty terms online and even set up a webpage where people can activate their warranties instead of waiting on the phone for a representative.

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