Gift allows accident victim to walk again

TULSA -  J.R. Vigil is an athlete, who trained for half marathons, until he lost both legs.

"It's tough, it's frustrating, I was an avid runner, I felt I was in the prime of my life," J.R. told us.

J.R. and his mom remember that traumatic night a couple of years ago that made the news in Guam.

A car wreck caused massive internal injuries, and led to the amputation of his legs.

"Now I know when they say a parent gets a call and it's the worst nightmare you can think of, and that was terrible," May Vigil says. She's J.R.'s mom.

But his recovery was nothing short of miraculous.

Still, J.R. was bound to a wheelchair, until a Tulsa prosthetics provider, offered them to J.R., for free.

"It was awesome, someone wants to help me."

That someone, is Michael Arnette with Tulsa's Progressive Orthotic and Prosthetic Services.

David heard about J.R. from a friend at church who was asking for prayers for J.R. after the accident.

"We've been praying for J.R. since he was in a coma and in serious condition," Michael said.

And months later, when Michael found out J.R. couldn't qualify for appropriate prosthetics because he didn't have insurance, he stepped in.

Micahel tells us, "When it didn't look like it was happening, and a year had passed, we made the decision to offer the prosthetics that would let him walk again."

$18,000 worth of prosthetics, not just so JR could walk again, but to swim again, too.

"Swimming will provide J.R. the opportunity to be the active person he used to be," Michael said.

During a week long visit to Tulsa, Micahel fit J.R. with both prosthetics.

"I started crying, I'm just overjoyed," J.R.'s mom said.

"I'm super grateful," J.R. said just before leaving Tulsa. "You really are an answer to prayer, the care that you've shown, the gifts they've given me are just awesome."

Gifts, making a life-changing difference. 

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