Callers use Medicare to target seniors

TULSA, Okla. - Mary and her husband were at home, when out of the blue, Mary got a call.

"They had my name, they had my address, they said they were from Medicare, and they wanted to verify my information."

Mary says she was told they needed the information so they could send her a new Medicare card.
Mary didn't give out any information, knowing anyone can get your name and address.
Instead, she wisely tried to get more information from the caller, who then hung up.
Mary reported the call to Medicare and the 2News Problem Solvers.

"I wanted other people to know, family members, neighbors, anyone really, maybe someome who never had a Medicare card before and it's new to them, they may think this is routine."

We contacted LIFE Senior Services, which deals with issues facing seniors in the Tulsa area.
Folks there have heard about the calls, and like Mary, want to warn potential victims.
Medicare will never call you, any notifications come by mail.
Medicare is not issuing new cards.
And never give your personal and financial information to anyone over the phone, especially if it's a cold call.

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