Foster mom mistakenly billed for foster child's hospital visit

TULSA - She opens her home to children, who desperately need a home.

"These kids have already been through a lot when you get them," Christina tells us.

Christina says she loves the foster children she takes in, as if they were her own.
Right now, she's caring for two kids.
She understands the time and attention it takes to focus on them, so Christina says she didn't need what happened several weeks ago - the hassle over a $400 hospital bill, that wasn't hers.

"These people were sending it to affect my credit, wanting me to pay the bill, it if was my bill, I would have paid it."

That bill was for a little girl Christina took care of, on an emergency basis during the Memorial Day weekend.
Christina had to take her to the ER at St. Francis during that time, a visit DHS paid for.
But that little girl had an unpaid hopsital bill from last January.

St. Francis decided to bill Christina for that, too, even though Christina didn't have the little girl last January.
Christina says she called St. Francis several times.

She documented every call and thought it was resolved, until she received a collection notice.
Then came the daily collection calls.

"It was frustrating, I'm taking care of 2 children, I'm trying to work full time, I didn't have time to sit and argue with them over something that's not mine."

We got in touch with St. Francis about  Christina's problem.
A representative researched the situation.
Christina soon found out the bill was removed... both from her account... and collections.
Now, Christina says she can focus on her first and foremost concern, her foster family, no matter how hard the work may be.

"It's very rewarding in the end, when someone comes up to you and says I love you, it means a lot."

Impressions on little children, Christina hopes, that'll last the rest of their lives.

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