Fire victim can't get $31,000 refund

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - Her insurance company was quick to pay for her fire ravaged house,  Tami tells us.

Her problem, she says, started after she sent the insurance check to her mortgage company to pay off her house.

Tami says she's due a $31,000 refund from the insurance payment, but can't get the mortgage company to send her the money.

"Time is of the essence because I'm running out of time."

"I need this money for a downpayment on a doublewide or a house."

Week after week, Tami says she calls Beneficial, which is part of HSBC.

Tami says she hears a different story, a different target date, each time.

"I just get the runaround and it makes me kind of sad."

With her patience running thin, Tami called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with her mortgage company.

Because of privacy policies, a representative couldn't give us any details about Tami's account, but it wasn't long until she got her refund check.

"We're going to stay on this land because this land is bought and paid for, we worked real hard on this land and it means a lot to us."


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