Family tragedy triggers social security snafu

TULSA -  There's a lot to ponder, Charles says, during his daily walks.   
 How do you recover, he wonders, after a drunk driver kills your adult son?

"I'm still trying to figure out how to get over it, it's just been awful."

It only turned worse, when the emotional grief turned to financial turmoil.

Since his son's first and last names were the same as Charles', social security mistakenly thought it was Charles, Sr who had passed away.

"They sent letters addressed to me saying they were sorry I was deceased."

Then, the Social Security Administration took back the $1200 it had just deposited into Charles' bank account, causing checks to bounce.

His social security account was cancelled.

Charles says he called at least ten times to get it resolved, without any luck.

"It was terrible, it's the not knowing from one day to the next how long it was going to be."

After several phone calls and emails, we went to the social security administration's regional office and were able to help resolve Charles' problem, by getting his money back and his benefits reinstated.

If you're having problems with social security, you should contact them right away.

Go to your local social security office.

But you may have to take it to the regional level.

The office for this area is in Dallas.
If that's not possible, you can call or write the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Administration
Office of Public Inquiries
Windsor Park Bldg.
Baltimore, MD 21235


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