EMSA TotalCare deadline is here

TULSA - The deadline for making any changes to your EMSA TotalCare participation is Saturday, June 30.

And remember, the renewal process is different this year, and that's caused some confusion.

Mattie tells us, "I've always declined the EMSA program in the past. But now, because of a change in my insurance, I want to be part of the program. I'm not sure what I need to do to be sure I'm covered."

In cases like Mattie's, where folks have opted out in the past, you have to opt-in this year.

In past years, you were automatically enrolled in TotalCare each year.

Now you only need to take action if you want to make a change.

The TotalCare service costs $3.64 each month and you'll see the charge on your water bill.

Anyone with questions about their TotalCare status can call the City of Tulsa Customer Care Center 918-596-9511.

Any general questions can be directed to the TotalCare Hotline at (918) 396-2888.

To enroll Saturday, the city phone lines will be closed so you'll need to enroll online at cityoftulsa.org.


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