Dropped calls lead to $800 cell phone bill

BRISTOW, Okla. - When Kim and her family wanted IPhones, they changed their cell service to Sprint.

Kim says they have the best prices.

"When I had initially purchased the phones and signed the contract I had thoroughly checked out the transmission at my home and my business which is about two miles away and there was perfect transmission."

But a few days later, Kim says they started having big reception problems and a lot of dropped calls.

So she went back to the store where she bought the phones.

That was within the 14 days she had to cancel the contract without penalty.

"They indicated I shouldn't be concerned, they were just working on some towers and the next time, if I have any issues, I should contact the main office."

Those problems, though, never went away.

After several calls to customer service, Kim says the company agreed to let her out of her contract without penalty, even though it was now past the 14 day deadline.

Kim wrote down the names and ID numbers of everyone she talked to, along with memo numbers.

And she kept a copy of the tracking number when she returned the phones.

"Two months went by and I got a bill for $809. The second document I got said I was going to be turned in to collections."

For the next three months, Kim says she went round and round with customer service, hearing everything from there was no mention in her account notes about being released from her contract ... to the phones hadn't been returned.
"It is extremely frustrating and I don't have an extra thousand dollars to donate."

Finally, Kim called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we contacted a company rep.

After several days of researching Kim's situation, a representative told us all those fees had been waived, and Kim didn't owe a dime.

The rep said they were sorry to lose Kim as a customer, but they're happy her problem's been resolved.

Here's something important to remember.

Kim's detailed notes about her phone calls to customer service helped solve her problem.

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