Downed light pole in Tulsa park not repaired after 4 months; Problem Solvers work to see it fixed

TULSA - Ofie Seymore and Mary Stubbs live across from Highland Park in Tulsa.

In late January, they saw a light pole in the city park had fallen over.

"My grandkids come and play in this park and that has exposed wires, so that concerns me," Seymore said.

Seymore and Stubbs both reported the downed pole to the city. They were told to call Public Service of Oklahoma, so they did.

"[They said] they were going to look into it right away," Seymore said. "Time went on, then I called in March, still nothing was done."

While workers were out to look at the pole Monday, they told 2NEWS that their job was to secure the pole. They wrapped the exposed wires with electrical tape and put up caution tape and a pink flag.

The 2NEWS Problem Solvers also called PSO out to the park.

PSO spokesperson Stan Whiteford explained that the PSO has a backlog of 50 light poles that need repairs, which he says delays response times.

"It's taking typically about a month or a little over four to six weeks typically right now, that's a little longer than we would like to be," he said.

Whiteford also said the only work order PSO received about the pole was on April 2.

"Having learned that it was a longer delay then it would normally be, we wanted to get out here and get it taken care of," he said.

PSO crews were already working on the light pole by the time 2NEWS arrived to speak with Whiteford.

A pole knocked down four months ago, the Problem Solvers got back up in less than two days.

If you would like help with a problem, you can come to the Pop-Up Problem Solvers this Friday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Jim Norton Chevy in Broken Arrow.

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