Don't share this on Facebook!

TULSA - The Better Business Bureau warns there's a new twist on the long-running hoax about Facebook charging members.

And it could put a virus on your computer.

It comes in the form of a post from a friend, often shared from a different page, with a dire warning that when you log into Facebook tomorrow your account will be disabled unless you pay up.

The virus danger comes in if you click to join pages promising to fight the good fight to keep Facebook free.

Be extra careful of any links, Facebook apps or requests to download files or software.

If you spot one of these here's what you do.

Tell your friend, these posts circulate because users think they are doing their friends a favor by sharing them.

Point out the warning, and delete the post from your page.

But first report it to Facebook.

Here's how.   

From your timeline hover over the post, click the little pencil-looking icon and select "report/mark" as spam.

From there you can chose to make a detailed report or remove the post.

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