Dog lost during fire, reunited with owner

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - As he battled the searing heat and the towering flames of those ferocious, chaotic wildfires in Creek County, Robert Hughes rescued a new friend.

"I saw this dog come up, I fed him some water and we were buddies after that, he followed me around, we had room in our brush truck so I put him in the truck and took him home."

Home is near Catoosa.

Robert's a captain with the Rolling Hills Volunteer Fire Department.

And when he brought his new friend home, Robert's daughter gave him the perfect name ...  Lucky.

"My daddy got him out of the middle of a fire."

Then, Robert's wife took over.

"He brought him home and I started my mission on Facebook, trying to find his owner," Stephanie Hughes told us.

Stephanie posted Lucky's story on every Facebook page she could think of.

"Within a day I had more than 500 shares."

And it took off from there.

Stephanie says Lucky's story spread faster than the wildfire that almost took his life.

"I was so amazed at how many people cared about this dog. There were people from Switzerland that commented on it."

All the while, Christina Schonfield had been searching for her dog, whose name we found out is actually Goliath.

Miraculously, the flames stopped just short of Christina's home.

Still, losing Goliath during the evacuation, broke her heart.

But then, another miracle.
"A friend of mine called me and said have you been on Facebook, I said no, why? Goliath is on Facebook everywhere."

It wasn't long until Christina and Goliath were back together.

"I was really excited, I was calling everybody, I was texting everybody, I found Goliath, I found Goliath."

 And Christina got the chance to meet the volunteer firefighter, who saved him.

"Thank you so much," Christina told Robert.

One of the countless stories of neighbors and strangers making a difference, after the fire.

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