Dancing to raise $100,000 for cancer

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - The art of dance, and teaching it, has become Kim Clark's passion ... her life.

Her dad was a big part of her life too until he passed away from cancer six years ago.

She says his death changed her life forever.
"I just figured as opposed to just be sad and devastated by my loss I would make him convince me to help others, to be able to make a difference in the world today."
Kim decided to turn her passion into a mission, to raise money to fight cancer.

Six years ago she organized her first "Dance For A Cure."
"I just wanted to do something to make my grief go away."
Every year since then, dance teams from Kim's studio and all across the metro area have put on a performance for family, friends and the public with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

This year, Kim says she hopes to reach an amazing milestone -- $100,000 -- thanks in big part to all those young dancers.
"Just by showing up, they're making a difference by helping fight such a terrible disease that actually will affect them in some form someday."
Ashlynn Green's been part of each of those six fundraising performances and she's already been affected by cancer.  Her dad was diagnosed with the disease last year.

Ashlynn's family endured an emotional roller coaster.
"He ended up having surgery and about a month and a half later, we found out he was cancer free."
Great news, indeed.

News that pumps Ashlynn up even more for the next "Dance For A Cure."
"It just means so much, there are so many people who have been touched by such a terrible thing. When it happens to you, it's such a different story, when it touches your family."
Kim says she couldn't describe her mission any better, her goal of raising that $100,000 in the six years since her dad's death.
"It's something I never thought would happen, you know, when you're sitting in your living room and you think 'I should do something to make a difference', you never realize that you actually will."

Here's more information on Dance For A Cure: http://www.danceforacuretulsa.org/ .

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