Dancing, cupcakes and cancer

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Talk to 10-year-old Sydney Wyre and you'll quickly find she has three big passions.

Dancing, baking and caring for others.
"There's a lot anybody can do, you just have to have a big heart," Sydney said.
She's found a way to mix all three of her passions with her heart.

A recipe to raise money to fight a devastating disease.

She's baking cupcakes to fight cancer, thousands of them.
"I'm doing it for a good cause, not for myself, I'm doing it for other people," she said.

 Two people in particular inspired her efforts.

One is Sydney's grandpa, who was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, and beat it.

Wes Reeves, Syd's grandpa said, "I feel like a lucky person, having a granddaughter as thoughtful and considerate as she is and doing it for a cause like this, I think it's very, very good."
The other person is her dance teacher, Kim Clark who's raised almost $100,000 for cancer research herself. 

Sydney said, "She lost her dad six years ago, so I wanted to help her, because she's an amazing person and she inspired me."
At first, Sydney planned to bake a few hundred cupcakes, and sell them for a dollar a piece.

But then, her mom put the word out on facebook.
"Our original goal was about $500, and we reached that in four days, then we hit a thousand, and before we knew it, we were at almost two thousand, and at that point she decided she was going for five thousand cupcakes," said Sydney's mother Dana Wyre.
Dana remembers when her dad, Sydney's papa was given the bad news, that he had cancer.
"It was probably one of the scariest moments of my life," she said.
But now it's turned into one of the proudest moments, Dana says, when she thinks about her daughter's mission.  

"It makes me the proudest mom ever, she's got such a big heart and it makes me so proud that even at such a young age, she can make a difference," Dana said.
Five thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society, raised by a girl with a priceless lesson to share.
"Don't just do everything for yourself, once in a while, do it for other people," she said.
And Sydney's certainly doing just that, acting on her hope of curing cancer, one cupcake at at time. 

For more information, or if you'd like to donate to Sydney's cause, stop by her Facebook page.


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