Couple waits months for appliance repair

TULSA - Open the garage door at Erica and Daniel's new home, and you'll find their makeshift laundry room, and the ventless washer-dryer combo they bought back in November.

"We thought it was going to be a great fit because of the way the garage is set up, it's not as easy to have two separate units, and to have a dryer that has a vent," Erica told us.

So Erica thought the $1,000 they spent on this energy efficient Haier combination unit was well worth it, until it stopped working a few weeks later. She says it would just air dry instead of using heat and the it stopped locking the door.  

Erica says Haier sent out a local repairman, who found a couple of fried parts.

"He went to replace those, it didn't work, he gave up on it and deemed it not repairable."

Before the unit could be replaced, though, Erica says, Haier told them a second service company had to agree it was not repairable.

But that repairman said he was told to keep trying to repair it.
"We believe they were just going to have this guy keep ordering parts, just keep dragging us along until we got fed up and said we had enough and go buy another one."
After arguing with Haier, and doing their laundry at their parent's for months, Erica finally called the 2News Problem Solvers.

We got in touch with a company rep who said he'd look into the situation.
It wasn't long until Erica heard some good news. She was told they have a new one on the way.

The new washer-dryer arrived and works Erica says it works great.

Experts say you should always keep copies of your sales and warranty information.

If there's a problem also keep all repair paperwork, along with details of all the calls your make, including dates, times and names of who you talk to.

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