Tulsa couple feels swindled after paying more than $16,000 for door-to-door driveway resurfacing

TULSA - A lot of loose gravel and that ripped-off feeling.

Edgar and his wife say that's what they got after shelling out nearly $16,000 to have their Tulsa driveway resurfaced, with, according to their contract, an asphalt-like mixture.

Instead, there's a lot of rocks and weeds, but very little tar or sealer.

"Paying that much for it, it makes me mad," Edgar told us.

Edgar admits a door-to-door construction crew caught him in a weak moment, as he was suffering from pneumonia.

"They came to the door, knocked and came out with a story," he said. "They had just enough material to do my driveway and they'd give a good deal on it."

Edgar says their first idea of that "good deal" was $27,000.

In the end, he agreed on $15,000, and wrote a check.

Then, Edgar says one of the guys returned a few days later asking for another couple thousand dollars.

He agreed to pay an extra $750.

"I was mad, I just wanted to get them out of here," Edgar said. "I knew I had done been taken."

Edgar signed a handwritten contract with a contractor named Levon Williams, who didn't answer or return Edgar's calls in the days after the resurfacing despite two phone numbers listed in the agreement.

One of the phone numbers no longer belongs to a Levon Williams. The other leads to voicemail.

He didn't return our calls either, so we took it to the state Attorney General's Public Protection Unit.

Officials say the unit hasn't received any other complaints about that contractor.

The AG's office says beware of anyone going door-to-door, using high-pressure tactics and asking you to pay a lot of cash upfront, especially if they say they just happen to have enough materials left for a job.

For Edgar, it was an extremely expensive lesson, and he has this warning: "Find a reputable dealer."

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