Couple charged for canceled TV service

TULSA -  They wanted new TV service, so Donna and her husband canceled their AT&T account.

"We took the equipment to UPS and had it shipped back."

But Donna says AT&T still took payments out of their checking accounts for two months.

Finally, Donna says a customer service rep said AT&T would send them a check for $130 within 10days.

Several weeks and calls later, though, still no check.

Donna says it was taking too much time.

"I don't need the hassle of trying to figure out what is going on."

After we called about Donna's account, AT&T determined they actually owed the couple $177, which they received just a  few days later.

When you cancel a service, be sure to get a confirmation number, and the name and phone number of the person you talked to.

That helped us get Donna and her husband their check.

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