Couple billed for unwanted dumpster

COLLINSVILLE,Okla. - A simple home improvement project can be costly.

Just ask one Collinsville woman and her husband.

"It seemed like there was an awful lot of cement," said homeowner, Belinda Hudec.

Belinda and her husband are ripping up their porch and ripping off their siding.  

"So we had a bunch of cement and siding that needed to be hauled away," said Belinda.

They thought they found a simple solution by renting a dumpster from Waste Management.

"We figured they'd drop it off, we'd fill it up, they'd come and get it and that would be the end of it," said Belinda.

Unfortunately it wasn't.  After the Hudecs filled up the dumpster they called Waste Management to take it away.

When the company came out they also showed up with a surprise -- another dumpster!

"He never even got it off the truck," said Belinda. "We told him we didn't want it."

At that point all seemed well and good, until a few weeks later.

"Then we started getting bills," said Belinda.  "And we got bills for late fees, inactivity fees, and all this other kind of stuff."

Waste Management billed the Hudecs for the second dumpster.

When the Hudecs called Waste Management the company admitted to the mistake but the bills kept coming, eventually totaling more than 700 dollars.

That's when the Hudecs called the Problem Solvers.

Waste Management got back to us right away calling their billing mistake, "inexcusable on our part."

The company blamed the billing error on the dumpster delivery man's mistake and a lack of communication in their billing department.

"It's been very frustrating," said Belinda.

But now Waste Management says the billing problem is fixed.

They're even refunding more than 100 dollars they say the Hudecs overpaid.

Now, they can get back to finishing up that project.

"We're still working on siding," said Belinda laughing.

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