Area companies offer periodic document-shredding services; picking out the best home shredder

Judy got in touch because she missed the 2NEWS Shred It & Foreget It event in May.  So we looked into various ways to deal with cleaning out sensitive documents, safely.
Some shredding companies offer free events from time-to-time and charge for the service the rest of the year.
Click here ( for a list of those companies on the Metropolitan Environmental Trust's website.  Executive Director Michael Patton says people can buy a shredder for home use at many stores for around $22. 
Patton recommends cross cut, or diamond cut, for better security. 
Look for a shredder that can take at least five pages at a time for convenience.
Remember before you get too shred-happy the IRS can require seven years of records in case of an audit and those documents need to be saved but kept under lock and key.
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