Clogged sewage pipe causes stink for Glenpool neighbors; without working toilets for weeks

GLENPOOL, Okla. - Sean Swank has been without a working toilet on and off for two weeks.

"The last couple of days in February we've only had actually real flushing toilets a handful of times," Swank said from one of his three bathrooms that are currently out of order.

Swank's family is one of several Glenpool neighbors on East 135th Place who have been dealing with the "stink" of a clogged sewage pipe.

"We've been making a lot of runs to QuikTrip up the road there," Swank said. "They know who we are when we come in."

Sewage pipes are seeping into people's lawns, behind homes and smelling up the entire block.

"We thought this would get a reaction," Swank said as he motions to the raw sewage running down the back of a neighbor's home, "But it didn't get a response until I called again Sunday."

Just a few hundred feet away from the houses there is a lift station, which is what city leaders say is the start of all this stink.

Neighbors say they have seen crews out working on the station but their sewage systems are still "out of order."

"We've taken pieces of cement out of there, PVC pipe, rags, anything you can think of," Glenpool's Interim City Manager Dennis Waller said.

The City of Glenpool claims they have spent around $25,000 and at least 200 overtime hours to repair the lift station.

"I understand these people's problems, but we are doing everything we can," Waller said.

So why is there still a problem?

Glenpool management said they are waiting on parts.

"I hope they get here soon," Swank said Monday.

Those parts are now on order, which the city said should arrive in about three weeks.

In the meantime, the 2NEWS Problem Solvers got the city to agree to put portable bathrooms outside the homes of those affected.

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