City crews leave hole in neighborhood

TULSA, Okla. - A small crater-like hole scars Bob's front yard in Midtown Tulsa.
"It's really been frustrating, we're very unhappy with the whole situation," Bob says.
A city crew showed up a couple of days before Christmas to fix a water leak in the city's right of way.

Bob says he's grateful for that.

But since then, no one's come back to fill in the hole.
"My blood pressure's been up quite high since then."
Bob says he even had to put up yellow caution tape.

Neighbors say it's not only a danger for children, but an ugly eye soar.

Bob says he's called the water department and mayor's action line several times.
"I'd like to have it fixed back to the way it was before they started digging, that's all we ask."
So Bob called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with the city.

We're told a crew was scheduled to fill in the hole and clean up, but it was diverted to one of the many other water leaks the city had to repair around Christmas.

Then, Bob's case fell through the cracks for a month.

But after we called the city, a crew quickly arrived to make sure that hole was filled in.
Remember, when calling the Mayors Action Line, be sure to get a case number.

That'll help you follow the progress of your case.

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