Checking out mailings that are making some viewers suspicious

Masses of mailings from Publishers Clearing House, PCH, are arriving as the "$5,000-A-WEEK FOR LIFE" Publishers Clearing House commercials are running on TV.
At first glance they look like winning notifications, and even checks, but read carefully and the wording shows "prize eligibility" and the fact the contest is still open until August 22nd, 2013.
We went directly to Publishers Clearing House and confirmed these are the real deal.
Though the company does urge people to be cautious because there are plenty of fraudulent come-ons out there using PCH's good name.
A spokesperson says there's one, simple, rule to knowing if a prize promotion is legitimate and really from Publishers Clearing House.     If you're ever asked to send money, tax, processing fee, customs charge or any payment then you know it is not legitimate and definitely not from PCH.
The real winner will be announced August 29th, 2013.
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